Special Risks Consultants S.A. (SRC Re) was founded in 1999 as a representative of a Lloyds broker called London Special Risks. From their offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, they offer multi-line reinsurance intermediation and consultancy specialized in Financial Lines, Property & Casualty (P&C), Energy, Accident and Health & Life. They also provide additional services such as reinsurance portfolio management and underwriting authorities.

With a strong presence in Latin America – operating under license in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Ecuador – and with a team of more than 18 employees, SRC Re helps companies transfer their risks by offering the best protection alternatives, providing certainty in the face of uncertainty and granting financial compensation in the event of a loss.

Network Partners

THB an AmWins Group Company | |


AmWins Global Risks (formerly THB) is an international insurance, reinsurance and risk management specialist. From its London headquarters, it runs one of the largest and most successful Lloyds broking operations in the specialist market sector. Through its global platform of offices, strategic partnerships and local expertise, AmWins Global Risks has clients, markets and spheres of interest on every continent.


As part of AmWins Group Company, the largest wholesale distributor of specialty insurance in the United States, they have the commercial and intellectual resources necessary to meet the most challenging demands of clients around the world. Most importantly, AmWins Global Risks embodies the values of integrity and entrepreneurship upon which SRC Re and SRC EU were built. All international operations in Latin America and Asia have retained the THB brand, an AmWins Group company.


Global Business Reinsurance Group (GBR) | |


Global Business Reinsurance Group (BRG) is a Reinsurance Underwriting Agency that began operations in November 2011. Its main office is located in Miami, Florida, USA.

They are currently supported for reinsurance placements by two A- (Excellent) rated companies at A.M. Best: Best Meridian International Insurance Company SPC of the Grand Cayman Islands.

Global BRG’s staff has on average more than 25 years of experience in the insurance and reinsurance business and is based in different countries, such as Miami, Mexico, London, Lima, Moscow and Buenos Aires.

Lloyds of London

Orígenes del Lloyds |
The origins of Lloyd’s date back to a coffee house in the City of London owned by Edward Lloyd. Its existence was first recorded in February 1688 when an advertisement appeared in the London Gazette.


Close to the River Thames, Lloyds Coffee House was frequented by maritime men, especially merchants prepared to accept ship insurance and transport goods. Insurance in the 17th and 18th century did not work as we know it nowadays. Individuals would guarantee or assure the commercial risks personally. Edward Lloyd and his immediate successors issued a news-sheet providing reliable information about marine affairs which would lead the coffee house into becoming the go-to place for marine insurance.


Fostered by Edward Lloyd, who provided written material and reliable shipping information, the Coffee House soon became recognized as the place to obtain marine insurance. After Edward’s death in 1713, the Coffee House still remained a meeting point for business related to insurance and other industries. To present, the name Lloyd is tantamount to insurance throughout the entire world. As an unparalleled insurance group, Lloyd’s is recognized for its wide range of products and for the insurmountable security behind its policies. Edward Lloyd probably never imagined the international prestige his name would come to take.

Regulatory Agencies

General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds |


The General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds is an administrative body that depends on the Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Business Support in accordance with Royal Decree 1046/2018, of August 24, which develops the basic organic structure of the Ministry of Economy and Business.


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